Thursday 1 September 2022

Wellbeing and a wellness festival

Update 1/11/22: This post showcases quite a few craft items that I generally keep in stock or can make with a couple of weeks notice to fulfill bespoke orders so please do get in touch if you are interested in any items or similar.

Mental health and wellbeing is often at the top of my to do list - simply because it's so important to look after this. I think a lot of us, in particular, realised during the pandemic and the experience of lockdown(s) that mental health is like physical health. When you get sick it takes time to recover. Mental health can often be difficult as you and others can't always 'see' the symptoms.

I practice mindfulness with crafting whenever I can - this is my go to escape or place where I can lose myself in a creative hobby or project. Get me talking on the subject of crafting and you will probably understand why.

So, back in January I signed up to have a stall at a wellness festival local to my home. Check out the full event details as there will be lots of providers, practitioners and businesses which offer something wellbeing related within our community. 

For me it's an outlet to share what I love and help to raise awareness and ideas to look after mental health and wellbeing. At the same time raise a little bit more for Mind, the charity I am currently supporting with the proceeds from sales of my handmade cards or crafts. Mind, offers many services - I've personally used their support both via their website and locally and wanted to give something back.

Hopefully see you there. 

Saturday 20 August 2022

Jewellery inspired by my travels

I've been creating jewellery for years. From macrame bracelets to seaglass earrings, and all sorts in between. A lot of my jewellery is inspired by my travels and sourcing materials/supplies often finds me exploring off the beaten track as well as enjoying some local experiences.

Saturday 2 July 2022

Origami heart card inspiration

Practising the ancient art of origami is a wonderful way to take some time out and channel your inner creativity. I've been inspired by #pauseformind and a recent pause giftbox that I received.

So, here's a some ideas for a couple of the card kits which will be available at the upcoming Wellness Festival that I'm attending on 3rd September (KT3 area). Why not stop by and visit my stall, all proceeds will be donated to the charity Mind

Full kit(s) details and other ideas below, so keep scrolling...

Saturday 4 June 2022

Why I paint rocks and pebbles

If you haven't heard of kindness rocks check out this site, I'm not the only person who enjoys painting rocks, it's a worldwide phenomenum. 

Saturday 7 May 2022

Practice mindfulness with crafting

Mindfulness is extremely important in supporting wellbeing and is available to us all for free, and yet it's only when we are aware of this and make the time for it that we benefit.

Crafting is my go to mindful practice of choice and I cannot recommend enough the calming effects of being creative. So, of course this is what I spend a lot of my time doing. We all need to be kind and look after ourselves, and others.