Monday, 28 October 2013

Witches hat, made on the road

OK, so it's not a card but it is my latest attempt at being crafty.

I've been taking a few days of rest in Labuan, just off the coast of Malaysian Borneo. At the weekend we were invited to a Halloween party. So of course I had to make my costume.

Keeping it simple and with just some black paper/card' scissors and sticky rape here's what I came up with.

It was reasonably quick to make so I thought I'd share a little tutorial in case you have a party to attend and still need a last minute costume idea.

1. Take a large piece of black card/paper, I think I used an A3 sized piece and cut it down to a square to make cutting easier. Draw a circle in the centre using a small plate or other circular object and the cut out. Note: you may need to trim the edge to fit your head, do this and check it fits before the next step.

2. Roll a sheet of card/paper to create a cone, ensuring the base fits inside the hole you cut for step 1. Fix with a small piece of tape.

3. Mark the base of the cone to allow for surplus paper/card to be hidden inside the hat rim, cut into the base and fold back.

4. Fold back and stick the flaps to the underneath of the rim, using sticky tape.

5. Trim the rim to suit.

Your completed hat can now be decorated. I chose to hide the sticky tape with a belt and then added a couple of bats and a spider.

I'd love to see what you come up with for Halloween this year - have a good one!

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