Friday, 17 January 2014

Hand painted... everything/anything

Whilst I was in Chiang Mai (Thailand) recently, I visited a handicraft centre just outside of the main city. 

The focus there, is on handmade paper items, mainly umbrellas and parasols, but there are some other items like the mulberry paper flowers I used in the card in my recent post.

As well as paper there's the opportunity to meet with local artists and choose a hand painted design for them to adorn whatever item you choose.

Many people were just getting items of clothing they were wearing decorated. If I had thought far enough ahead I would have brought items that I could use as gifts for family and friends, although I'm not sure how I would have carried them all home...

Instead, got my bag painted. It's one I acquired a few months back after the one I left home with fell apart. It's just a cheap one I picked up in Bangkok but I'm hoping it will last a bit longer as I'm likely to be treasuring it after my trip, now that it has been painted :).

This is after a couple of months of wear and tear, but you can still see the glitter (not too clear in the photo).

Check out more details of the places I visited where paper handicrafts were everywhere - over on my travel site if you are interested: Paper handicrafts in Laos and Thailand.

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