Monday, 19 November 2012

An idea for fabric scraps

Well I had a lovely weekend up in the Lake District, despite the weather being pretty rainy today, the rest of the weekend was reasonably sunny.  However I have had absolutely no internet or phone signal and no time to schedule any posts, so this one comes live for a change :).
I've been waiting a while to share this idea with you, as it was something I asked my mum to make for me to house all my lovely Stampin' Write marker pens, and I finally got it when I saw her this weekend...

If you look closely (sorry - rubbish photo!) you can see the scraps of Stampin' Up! fabric used to create the 'quilted' pattern on the outside of the denim material.
Here's a close up of one section and what's inside:

I'm so excited that I can now carry all my markers around in this lovely case ... and show off all the different Stampin' Up! fabrics :0).
The little pocket at the bottom that makes sure the pens don't fall out is made from little sections of the fabrics too...

I'm off to unpack, have a good evening x