Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Rainbow Braid loom bands review

So, after trying a number of different brands of loom bands I was becoming a little frustrated with them snapping all the time, and worse still the colour quality being a little lacking on the 2 bags for a quid that I had picked up at the local market.

The loom band craze has taken the UK by storm and of course as a crafter I have being enjoying making bracelets and all sorts too.

I was recently contacted by Rainbow Braid, to trial and review some of their refill sets and was actually pleasantly surprised that they weren't just another company that had mass produced rubber bands of poor quality.

These bands are also latex free and come with a money back guarantee. 

What I liked most was the variety of colours and the added extra's of bands with glitter which allowed me to create a few bracelets with a little bling.

Here's a close up of the startburst bracelet made with the glittery bands:

And of course I couldn't stop with just bracelets... 

Yes, it is supposed to be a tigger!

A caring bear

Minion pen/pencil top
The Rainbow Braid bands are definitely of a good quality, reasonably priced and delivery was extremely fast from Amazon so I would definitely recommend. They are currently selling at a discount so worth grabbing some here.

The only downside was that I did struggle to get these bands to make small daisies. The number of twists was just too much for them and I had several snapped bands. However as I have yet to find a band that doesn't snap for this design I still haven't managed to achieve flowers for card making just yet but will keep trying.

Check back for loom band card ideas, as I am sure I can get these into a card some how.

Please be assured that although I received this product for a review, all opinions are my own and 100% honest.

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