Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Christmas cracker from A4 card tutorial

Need a quick Christmas Cracker template to make crackers with your own 'larger' gifts?

Well this is what I came up with, it fitted all my oversized cracker gifts, but there was a risk of things falling out :(.

Anyway, these are quick to make and as long as you wrap your gifts in tissue paper they should stay inside...

Score an A4 sheet of card (landscape) 7.5 cm, 8.5cm and 9.5 cm from each of the left and right edges.

Fold in the card at the second (8.5cm) score mark, then mark (with a pencil) and cut at 1cm intervals up to the next fold.

Then cut at 0.5cm, diagonally across to the same point. Pull out and remove the off-cuts.

Fold down the card along the 7.5cm and 9.5cm score lines so that they create a valley fold.

Repeat on the other/side and lay flat.

Cut and stick red tape between the 3rd and 4th cm point along the edge of the card.

Peel off the backing of the tape, along the centre section and roll the card lining up the fold at the 4cm section along the fold at the top of the centre section. Stick down once you are happy it is in place and repeat at the bottom before doing the ends.

You can now decorate your completed cracker.

I created some simple stamped tags:

And here are some of my completed crackers...

... I'd love to hear your feedback if you make any crackers using this tutorial :).

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