Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Glass fusing

I'm not planning this to become something regular, but last Wednesday I shared something non Stampin' Up! with you so I thought why not continue the trend this week too... perhaps you will get some inspiration from it :).  Plus it gives me a break from Christmas ideas... *phew*

On Sunday I went to a glass fusing course.  I have done this before and really enjoyed being creative with a different medium, although last time I just made a few glass coasters... this time I tried a couple of dishes/bowls.

I quick trial coaster/dish to get me warmed up:

 There are 2 layers of glass and the design is created using glass powders, which you have to sprinkle through a sieve and shift around to get the desired effect.  I've also used some 'confetti' glass and glass beads as wanted to have a play before going for the fruit bowl.  The colours will change when fired so I'll try and remember to post the finished items when I get them back.

The fruit bowl was quite hard to do as I had to cut stencils for all the fruits and then layer them up on 2 separate sheets of glass and add some texture for stalks, pips and shadow etc... I'm hoping once fired the final result doesn't lose the textures that I added but we will see. 
Finally a flowery bowl... it should be pale pink and the flower is a deeper pink/purple colour - I hope :)!

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  1. Wow! Where abouts did you do this course. Let me know if you want some company when going on anything like this. Xx