Friday, 23 September 2011

Tissue box

I love making other things besides cards. With the cold weather on it's way now everyone needs one of these.... a handy pack of tissues.  And what better way than to box them up so you can keep them free from dust in your handbag or on your desk at work.

I cannot remember where I saw this idea but I know there are lots of tutorials on the web.  For my box I just adapted the basic card box idea to fit around the tissue pack.  I am sure I have the full instructions written down somewhere but amidst my flurry of scheduled posting I seem to have mislaid them.  If you want the full details drop me an email or post a comment and I will find them when I get back and ensure I send them on to you.

If you are starting to think that I only own 3 stamps sets then you are absolutely right!  I've used the Just Believe stamp set to decorate this box... just goes to show that 3 stamp sets is more than enough to keep me occupied!  But of course when the new catalogue is released on 1st October I will be ordering a few more...  

1 comment:

  1. Great make! I'd love the instructions for this if you find them!! Let me know when you're back. xxx