Monday, 13 August 2012

Candle art

Ok, so as promised... something a bit different today... and also I will be back in the UK shortly :(.  But off up to the Lake District for my next stop.

I've had a couple of pillar candles on the mantle piece in my living room since I finished renovating the house, which is probably over a year ago now... and I have been meaning to do something with them.

Finally I have gotten around to it and using the Mixed Bunch stamp set; with some Real Red ink I have decorated the candles to co-ordinate with the current 'red' decor.  I just love the fact that having white walls means you can add a sprinkle of colour to a room and change the accessories with your mood.
I am really pleased with the finished candles... not so sure about the photo quality...

These candles were really easy to make with tissue paper and a heat gun... just go easy on the heat and don't melt 'em too much.  There are plenty of tutorials on the web so give it a go.

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